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There is a variety of reasons to consider starting one’s own therapy journey.  Some people sense that their mental and emotional states have effected their productivity, creativity and most important relationships. Others are weathering a recent transition or trauma in their lives that paralyzes. Loneliness is another common reason. Some come to this work with a sense of curiosity to better learn about their unique nature.   Therapy is a gift to offer one's self-- a way to enter deeper and more connected ways of being, and heal all manner of heartbreak. 


Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis are treatments based fundamentally in a healing relationship.  Together, we engage in conversational space and explore the most enlivened, anxious, depressed, pained, bored and stunted parts of the individual.  The Human mind is in a word, Oceanic, and so much of the individual’s internal world, environment and relationships are given importance. 

Ultimately, psychotherapy is a creative process that produces revelatory ways of seeking out one’s most authentic self. I find that it is in connecting to our internal truths we move towards more sustainable change and growth.

509 Olive Way STE 1323

Seattle, WA 98101


(206) 659-6136

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