I enjoy supporting folks who are pursuing private practice in addition to agency work or who are simply considering taking the leap into their own full-time private practice.  In many clinical graduate programs I know that many people graduate with remaining questions pertaining to the business side of practice.  My work experience has provided me with backgrounds in community mental health and private practice-- I offer guidance in both the clinical and business realms of practice in my supervisory work. 

I appreciate thinking about people in the context of social justice and systems theories.  My style of supervision blends psychodynamic/psychoanalytic, attachment theory, EFT, CBT/DBT, experiential, existential and highly relational inteventions.

My fee for supervision is currently set at $125.00 per 50 minute session.  I do offer sliding scale in instances where folks are employed in community mental health settings.  I meet all criteria for approved supervisor status per Washington state regulations.