Supervision/Consultation is an ongoing dialogue between colleagues that excites, informs and supports a clinician in their own professional development. In my experience, it has the largest impact on preventing burnout and enriching the creativity of the practitioner.  


 My background is largely steeped in community mental health and private/group practice settings. It's not uncommon for newer clinicians to seek advice in developing business and marketing strategies for their own practice--and why shouldn't they? Psychotherapy is a blend of many things--Art, Science, Business, Policy, even Technology these days.  The fact is, several of these areas are not well addressed in clinical graduate programs. I enjoy helping other clinicians think through the clinical implications, ethics and sustainability of their business practices.


In my view, it is absolutely possible to develop a practice that can both support a clinician's income, and work with the vulnerable communities Social Workers are devoted to empowering.   


I meet all criteria for approved supervisor status per Washington State Guidelines (MSW).