The actual formula for a therapeutic session reads relatively basic; our sessions will run 50 minutes, typically on an ongoing, weekly basis. I try to work in a very relational way and find that for many folks, the option to increase sessions to greater frequency (2-4x a week) allows for a highly containing therapeutic experience and can foster deeper, richer work.  

    In session you have the freedom to explore those areas you feel most blocked, including the feeling of “not knowing where to start.”  I will be sensitive to where you are at in the process and stay focused on seeking out those goals that resonate most to where you want to work. As we begin to discover those places that hold you back, we will together contemplate new ways of being, thinking and feeling.  

    No question, therapy can at times be quite difficult.  It requires a vulnerability and readiness to explore painful places in our psyche.  We will address your therapeutic experience as we proceed, and I will stay everpresent with you through your journey. Ultimately there can be an incredible relief in releasing that which shames, guilts and binds us.  

     Psychotherapy is rich in a multitude of approaches--most of which can be useful in different ways, for different people.   I strive to be ecclectic in my identity as a therapist, although I would say that the foundation of my practice is largely relational, psychodynamic, and psychoanalytic.  These theories draw heavily on developing one’s insight into their internal experience.

    Often our therapeutic experience will offer clues as to how certain patterns are playing out in your other relationships. I will simultaneously remain attentive to your cultural, spiritual, familial relationships, sexual identity, occupational, intellectual functioning and a myriad of other pieces to your unique life story.  

    Clients are always invited to come forward in any questions or concerns that arise in session; I find these moments help to de-mystify the therapeutic process and strengthen our collaboration together.  

What is therapy like? 

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom"